Because I have the skills to record sound at a professional level, because people tell me I have a good voice, and because I want to try my hand at self publishing, I've recorded a novella of mine entitled GORDON.

Here's what it says on the back cover:

GORDON  A Fable by Julian Padowicz    Wickedly Funny

Gordon Herzog's wife is divorcing him, his girlfriend is callous to his emotional needs, his secretary is disrespectful, and his boss is sleazy. Gordon despises his own career, drinks too much, is going to pot physically…..and then something bad happens. GORDON is a fable about a man in mid life with one leg on Madison Avenue, the other in trendy, creative Westport, Conn., and both knee-deep in trouble. But there is nothing unique about his situation…so why does what happens next happen? But, undeniably, it does. You will scorn and despise, pity and even love Gordon as you share his frustration and pain, if not necessarily his approach to solving his very unusual problem. And you will laugh. GORDON is a mystery (watch out for the heavy language) a satire, and a fast-paced adventure of a man battling against…well, you'll have to decide for yourself.

At this point GORDON is available only by mailing your name and address and a check for $17 made out to my company, BFI AudioBooks at 1397 Hope St., Stamford, CT 06907. In time we will rig this web site to take credit cards.

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